Volunteer Testimonials

Reach and Teach at Michael Giri School, Marayoor- 8 weeks

I think the program is very well run and I really liked the one on one attention and since the number of volunteers at one time is low, it make you feel very well taken care of and safe. I don’t think there was much more they could have done to make it any easier.

I t was nice to have a few days to adjust when I got there. It may be helpful to have some guidance about the project from previous volunteers. This could be done by contacting them beforehand or creating a booklet on all the suggestions from previous volunteers to use as a reference while teaching would have been more helpful. .

My house was one of the nicest houses in town and I always felt safe. Food was awesome and all the transport was nice (except for Navin’s broke car that wouldn’t start my first day!!). The staff are all very friendly and take good care of you…especially Amba, he deserves a raise!

Michael Giri was so welcoming and always put my comfort first. The teachers + sisters were so kind I felt at home right away. I don’t know how much english I was able to teach but all the songs and activites really made the children happy and they were always excited to learn anything I asked.

It was the best time I have ever had. As it was my first time out of the country it made me want to do more and see more. I’m glad it was such a personal experience with lots of support and staff to make sure you were having a good time.

The staff (Amba, Subish) were so helpful and the house in Marayoor is beautiful. Having Mr.Nair + Chechi upstairs made it even better. I will definitely want to stay involved and help in any way they need me. I will be back.