Volunteer Testimonials

Reach and Teach at Michael Giri School, Marayoor – 4 weeks

YOI staff and volunteer coordinators were very helpful when I was preparing for my trip. I knew what to expect weather-wise and I think I brought everything I needed, except for a few bits. I knew I would buy here. I think everything went quite smoothly the whole time.

The staff were also very helpful when I arrived in Kochi. It was nice that we visited the school all together first just to meet the head etc. the introduction to India was helpful but I knew that anything I didn’t know or didn’t have could be sorted out quickly and quite easily. So…no worries

The accommodation provided by YOI is good. The office is good but I really liked the house at Marayoor.It was in a beautiful location and my bed was very comfy. I had my own bathroom which was nice. The guys kept it super clean and it was always tidy (except for all my stuff in my room). I felt very safe, safer than in hotels. Food was great and Govind (staff) was easing me into the spices, which was good of him. I have never actually been hungry in India because they feed me so much so often. Transport was good. I like rickshaws especially when we’re all cramd in. I got on a jeep and bus which was also a fun experience.

Throughout my placement the staff were very supportive. Navin kept phoning me and everyone was great when I had a bad eye. The guys at the house made me feel a lot better because they really looked after me and were genuinely concerned. I felt really taken care of.

Michael Giri school was the perfect placement for me. They were so welcoming and the kids were lovely and eager to learn. They provided me with a timetable and we almost always stuck to it. I will never forget the kids, teachers and especially the Headmistress. It’s a brilliant school and it wasn’t too overwhelming for me. I got put in a better school than I imagined and I was more looked after than it says on the website. Both of which were nice surprises.

I really enjoyed teaching and think the kids and teachers enjoyed my lessons I think I helped a lot with just the basics and some of the kids were writing notes with out me even asking them to. The school was really good and I didn’t feel I could to anything to improve facilities of the buildings which was handy because I didn’t have time at all.