Volunteer Testimonials

Reach and Teach at Kanthalloor – 2 weeks

YOI staff were very helpful and accommodating since my placement was with short notice and lasted only a few weeks .I always felt informed and communication was always good .This is something I haven’t experienced with other volunteer projects I’ve done . I think it’s a great volunteer program because it not only allows people to volunteer, but also get to know the culture, people and area where they are working.

The food was great .I liked being able to learn a bit of cooking and help out every once in a while . Transport was good although you might want to suggest that people bring motion sickness meds (dramamine) if they get carsick…We don’t need any more “Lindsey points!” .

The staff were all very supportive it was nice that Navin checked in each day if he was away from the site. It was helpful to know what things to focus on with the kids, Shiyas was great, so was sigma . They were a lot of fun and very helpful if I needed anything.

I loved my placement. Since I was only there for 2 weeks, we had to improvise a bit but it was just as we had planned it before I came.

The kids were great and teachers so nice .It was good to have YOI staff there too to help with translation to the little kids and to help with projects.

I have volunteered elsewhere for short periods of time and thoroughly enjoyed the 2 weeks I spent in Kanthalloor but I think it’s too short of time there it worked for me because there were only 50 kids for the summer program and I filled a gap between 2 other volunteers but I would suggest having a longer time requirement held . I just got to know everyone and then had to leave. It was too soon to go ! .